LLC «Zapolyarpromgrazhdanstroy» is a diversified construction company successfully operating on the territory of the Russian Federation since 2001.

Owing to the latest technology and building materials, process optimization and streamlined workplace management the company carries out works just in time and of proper quality.

Today LLC «Zapolyarpromgrazhdanstroy» has high-class professionals with unique experience and expertise in the field of construction and extreme natural climatic conditions of the Far North.

In the course of construction Society applies the quality management system meeting the requirements of the international ISO standard. The system of ecological management, management of health protection and work safety is entered. The activity of LLC «Zapolyarpromgrazhdanstroy» carries out at observance of all legislative and standard requirements in the field of industrial safety, labor protection and environmental protection.

We are always ready for cooperation and offer a full range of construction services starting from site preparation and up to commissioning a project.